Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bangladeshi, Korean immigrants spar over LA space

What's all the bickering about? Just come in for some sushi!

Source: AP

When Aditi Mahmud and her family moved from Bangladesh to Los Angeles more than a decade ago, they landed in a gritty neighborhood that has long been a haven for Korean immigrants.

Now, the graduate student and other Bangladeshis want to carve out a special district in Koreatown and name it for their own homeland.

The proposal has shocked and angered Korean-American leaders who have worked for years to turn Koreatown into a Southern California cultural destination.

"There is a pride in calling this Koreatown," said Chang Lee, chairman of the Korean-American Federation of Los Angeles. "The residents and businesspeople, when they heard the news, they were appalled."

Sucks when community leaders get involved. I think they want this more and the residents and businesspeople do.

Mahmud believes Little Bangladesh would be a source of pride for immigrants, including her parents.

"They came here for education, for me, for their only child," said Mahmud, whose parents still live in the two-bedroom apartment they rented when they arrived. "They need some sort of recognition that they can still be Bangladeshi here and lift their head up high."

Bah both sides are wrong. Defining borders isn't going to make your precious little child more Bangladeshi. This is a meaningless fight. Just co-exist already or maybe the United States should kick both of you out.

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