Monday, March 2, 2009

Slim Rings Make You Toe the Line to Lose Weight

Wiggle Wiggle! Now I can walk straight!

Source: Japanorama

Need to lose weight? One Japanese company believes the thrill of victory comes via the agony of the feet. Cataloger has created Slim Rings with that philosophy in mind. For just 3,129 yen (about $34 - not cheap) you get a pair of one-size-fits-all flexible silicone plastic rings that fasten around your big toes.

Now here comes the science: Each ring has a bump that you position downward so that each time your toe touches the ground, you'll feel it and instinctively adjust your stride. Sort of like walking on eggshells; without the mess.

Your new, unfamiliar walking style may not be noticeable to others (one would hope, at least) but on the inside where it counts, muscles not normally used in walking get a serious workout. How nice it is that those hard-working muscles burn the fat right where dieters need to slim down... the belly and thighs!

This does make sense. I never though about it but having better posture must help lose weight. So if you're slouching all the time you gain weight because all the weight goes to your hips and butt?

This reminds me of those nose bandaid things that make you breather easier that all athletes used a few years ago until they realized it looked stupid.

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