Monday, March 2, 2009

Oasis "bewildered" after China gigs cancelled

Source: Yahoo Asia

British rock band Oasis said on Monday it was "bewildered" by China's decision to cancel two concerts scheduled to take place on the mainland next month. The group had expected to play in Beijing on April 3 and Shanghai on April 5.

"Representatives from the Chinese government have revoked the performance licenses already issued for the band and ordered their shows in both Beijing and Shanghai to be immediately canceled," Oasis said in a statement. "The Chinese authorities' action in cancelling these shows marks a reversal of their decision regarding the band which has left both Oasis and the promoters bewildered." The statement added that according to the shows' promoters, the concerts were called off when Chinese authorities discovered band member Noel Gallagher had appeared at a "Free Tibet" benefit concert in the United States in 1997. As a result the government "deemed that the band are ... unsuitable to perform to their fans in the Chinese Republic

What's there to be bewildered about? It's China. They pull the rug from under you at any time.

I don't understand why these bands insist on going through red tape and performing in China. It can't be for money because China doesn't really have alot of money to off in sales and tickets and these bands already have the money. If these bands care about Tibet then shouldn't they boycott anything Chinese? Why even negotiate with the Chinese and then have them slam the door in your face when the rest of the world loves you?

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