Thursday, April 16, 2009

Awful KY Intense Commercials

These commercials are so dumb. Gotta have a bit more energy for arousal jelly! It's too quiet, needs a jingle or something. Maybe I just don't get the commercial.

I'm not sure what this arousal jelly is for. Do people really need a 'nudge' like this to get in the mood? I don't need THAT much more satisfaction!

Youtube Link

Youtube Link

God, those are boring. I wouldn't want them appearing in the middle an intense hockey game or something.


The Yen Man said...

Is that Randall "Dr. Miracles" Park?! Nice!

Degenerasian said...

Yup that's him. Seems such an awkward spot for him.

Although he's always a bit awkward :)

Roger Williams said...

So if you slather the ol' one eyed trouser mouse with purple passion goo, she'll turn into a screamer? Very interesting!