Friday, April 3, 2009

Diner uses scissors as a toothpick - and swallows them


A DINER tried to use a pair of nail scissors as a toothpick but swallowed them when he laughed at a friend's joke and they stuck in his throat.

Kong Lin, 27, tried to cough up the clippers but they skewered the inside of his throat because the points were facing upwards.

Doctors managed to remove the scissors in a 30-minute operation under local anesthetic in Putian, eastern China

"When he came in, his face was twisted, pale, and sweating," said surgeon Chen Wei.

"The patient was having difficulty swallowing, and blood was mixed with his saliva."

"The entire surgery took around 30 minutes. Luckily Mr Lin does not have much of a wound left inside his throat.

What in the world was stuck in his teeth that he had to use scissors? Or perhaps it was a bad habit and he always used scissors to pick at his teeth.

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