Monday, April 13, 2009

Asian Ripoff L - I Like Chopin

For some inane reason, this is an extremely popular song in Asia. It's not a bad song, I like the piano parts :)

First it was Alan Tam in Cantonese. Sorry for bad quality of a 1984 concert.

Youtube Link

Then HK group Grasshopper re-made it and re-titled it Rainy Days. Also in Cantonese with a much quicker beat but they took out the piano :(

Youtube Link

And In Mandarin

Youtube Link

Then in Japanese by Asami Kobayashi

Youtube Link

Then in Vietnamese by Nguyen Thang

Youtube Link

And then just the piano score from Japan. There's no sheet they say. Just from memory.

Youtube Link

And finally Alan Tam decided that everyone else's version sucked and remade it again last year for his new CD using traditional instruments.

Youtube Link

Now. Does anyone recognize/remember/like the original English song? Must be a popular song for it to be copied this many times!


The Yen Man said...

Aw sweet, Rainy Days! I haven't heard this song in awhile, and it totally brings back memories of my childhood lol. Grasshoppers was my fav group in junior high.

And yes, its a funky beat. I had no idea there are so many other songs with it in it.

Degenerasian said...

You must have thought it was an original Grasshopper song. I thought it was too when I first heard it in the 90s.

WoAi said...

Oh boy this brings back memories. For me it was the 1983 Eurodisco Gazebo version while I was growing up in the 80s.

Anonymous said...

and then there's the rap folks ... ready to rip off any tune as well:

(thumbs down)

The Boy In The Box said...

Back in the day, going to Asian nightclubs, we heard all the cover versions of everyone else's hits. After awhile, it started to feel weird hearing the original versions because you got so used to the cover version.