Monday, April 6, 2009

Movie Reviews - April 6, 2009

Screw you! I'm not a martial artist anymore!

Source: LoveHKFilm

Shinjuku Incident (HK)

Shinjuku Incident tries to be an immigrant drama and a gangland thriller, and it only succeds partially at both. Derek Yee has a hard time combining his two genres, and Jackie Chan is a tough sell as the film's morally murky, mult-layered lead. Still, Shinjuku Incident is an entertaining and even compelling commercial thriller that only fails if one brings in massive expectations.

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A Very Short Life (HK)

Hong Kong’s favorite real estate developer-filmmaker Dennis Law’s latest film is a surprisingly sensitive look at child molestation. However, a whole lot of good intentions can’t compensate for his usual bad filmmaking.

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