Monday, April 13, 2009

Otaku Bedrooms


Over at, they ran an otaku bedroom contest. Whoever had the nicest bedroom won. Some of the entries are very impressive. Here are some of the ones I liked.




You can see all the entries and results at

I actually do admire these guys for their devotion of manga/anime and their massive collections. I don't collect anything so my room is pretty plain. However I could never date any of these guys cause there no way I could ever have sex in a room like that!


Unknown said...

LOL! I never looked at it from the perspective of your last comment about dating one of those guys. Then, again, I suppose many of them are such otaku because they have no realistic hope of ever dating someone like you, in the first place!

But, dang, that *is* devotion!

Degenerasian said...

Looking at it the other way.I'm not sure any girl would be good enough for these guys when they fantasize about perfectly-drawn anime girls with pearl white skin, long hair, long legs and big boobs.

Anonymous said...

Where's the feng shui? I think its like a museum to obsession.

A monument to fantasy is a paradox or is it just a neighborhood in Los Angeles?

Kamagra said...

OK I like anime, but this is awesome, I ca't imagine all the money that those guys or girls has invested in these rooms, I specially like the second.

pharmacy said...

I like anime too, but this is an exaggeration, I mean, these rooms look terrible. I think both of them need a modification quickly.