Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Computer technician behind Edison Chen sex photo leak

Source: Asiaone

More details have emerged from the trial of the computer technician who is charged with illegally accessing Edison Chen's computer and distributing racy photos of him and numerous starlets.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, two female friends testified against Sze Ho-chun, 24. They were also the ones who reported him to the police when the photos started being widely distributed on the Internet in January 2008.

They say that in 2006, when he was at their store to repair an Apple PowerMacG5, he connected his computer to the company server to show them the racy photos.

He then burnt about 1,300 photos onto DVDs and passed it to them as gifts, and even told them how he obtained the images.

Sze Ho-chun, an employee of computer shop Elite Multimedia, saw the images on Edison Chen's laptop when the Canadian-born singer-actor brought it in for repair work in 2006, prosecutor Hayson Tse told the Kowloon City Magistracy.

He was shown the photos by a colleague who was repairing Edison's computer and duplicated them in private.

He has been charge with three counts of obtaining access to a computer with dishonest intent, and may be sentence to five years imprisonment is found guilty.

Sze allegedly sparked one of the city's biggest sex scandals when the photos, which Chen has admitted taking himself, were plastered across the Internet for weeks in February last year.

Seems very clear to me. Who needs a trial? A collegue shows this guy the photos. It's supposed to be in-house. You know how guys are. Nudge nudge wink wink check out the naked photos of these girls. But this guy went way to far. First of all burning them onto DVD, then showing girls (who of course will be disgusted!) and then plastered them all over the internet, hoping to make a buck and be famous.

He famous now! Five years in jail please!


The Yen Man said...

Yah, but this guy gets to be the guy who took down EEG's money making machine that is Twins. I bet Albert Yeung would hire someone to put a pipe to the head of the guy if he wasn't already in police custody lol.

Degenerasian said...

Unfortunately, you know that Twins will one day reunite. Both girls are pretty useless on their own and the fanatical fans will demand it!

Unknown said...

You guys both know in order to become twins they both had to do all the nasty things with Albert Yeung right?

Sucks to be a popstar in hk thats for sure.

Degenerasian said...

Noooo waaaay. That's like saying Santa Claus doesn't exist! You know that these girls live on the squeaky clean image and their fans buy into it.

Their fans really think that they've never even held hands with anyone. Just one little kiss in a movie makes all the headlines!