Sunday, April 26, 2009

World Record Red Card

The dubious honour of the fastest ever red card in professional football history goes to Tokyo Verdy midfielder Tomo Sugawara. The J2 game between Verdy and Sagan Tosu was barely nine seconds old when the referee blew for a deliberate foul on a Tosu striker through on goal.

A paltry 3043 fans were rattling around inside the 50000 seater Ajinomoto Stadium to witness the professional football record of Giuseppe Lorenzo's have a couple of seconds shaved off. Lorenzo had seen red after just ten seconds while playing for Bologna in 1990.

Despite playing the entire game with 10 men, Tokyo Verdy won easily 2-0.

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dda said...

That's nothing Poo, Vinnie Jones got carded in 3 seconds, in 1992, in a Chelsea - Sheffield game... :-)

Degenerasian said...

Just read your link. Vinnie Jones got a yellow card in 3 seconds.

This is a red card!