Friday, April 24, 2009

Japanese pop star Kusanagi Tsuyoshi arrested

Source: BBC

The career of one of Japan's biggest pop stars, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, appears to hang in the balance after he was arrested for being naked and drunk in a public park.

Japan's interior minister has even weighed in, describing the incident as "one of worst acts one can do".

Roland Buerk reports from Tokyo on a case that is gripping the nation.

Video report

It's a very big blow. As I had mentioned in a previous post. Reports suggest DiCaprio is considering casting famous male group SMAP as the leads in the live action Ninja Scroll. He is said to be intent to “cast with Japanese people” in the adaptation, which he acquired the rights to last year. That's definitely out the window now.

Naked and drunk in a public park? How does that happen? Years and years of hard work being the most popular band in Japan all thrown away in a single night. Now he's screwed himself and affected all those around him. Very sad indeed.

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