Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ABC gives Zhang Ziyi the creeps

It's -35C behind these bars!

Source: Yahoo

Improvements have been observed in the English standard of Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi since she started dating Israeli boyfriend Vivi Nevo. However, an entire page of English script brings her nightmares.

The Horsemen, which will be opening in Hong Kong cinemas soon, is Zhang's third Hollywood film after Rush Hour 2 and Geisha. As opposed to the previous two films in which she acted as Chinese ladies adopted by American families and was not required to speak lengthy English, it is a great challenge for her this time round.

She said, "After all, English is not my mother tongue and I had many lines in this film. I had nightmares almost every night when I practiced with my teacher daily for three months. I suffered from psychasthenia (a psychological disorder characterized by fear, obsession, compulsions and anxiety)."

The Horsemen was shot in Winnipeg, Canada, during the coldest time of the year in the country when temperature was at -35 degrees Celsius.

"It felt like working in a freezer. We had to wear several layers of clothes to keep warm. In the scene where Dennis Quaid (the male lead) was chatting with me in the park, we were so cold that we couldn't even speak our lines properly. It was also hard to have any facial expressions. When I cried, the teardrops immediately froze to become ice."

Oh come on. Teardrops immediately froze to become ice? It's not THAT cold. I'm sure if a guy in Winnipeg goes out in -40C and pees, his urine won't freeze before it hits the ground. That's how we get yellow snow!

Here's the trailer for The Horsemen

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The Yen Man said...

Geez, you'd think Winnipeg was Siberia the way she described it (or maybe Edmonton :P) I'm sure it gets pretty cold in northern parts of China too, although I guess I can't really say since I've never been.