Thursday, April 2, 2009

Michelle Kwan Plots Return to the Ice

I want to be important again!

Source: People

Last weekend, champion skater Michelle Kwan worked along side NBC broadcaster Bob Costas covering the figure skating world championships in Los Angeles – but at next year's Vancouver Olympics, she could back on the ice competing again.

"There are all these rumors about me coming back, but yes, it's a possibility," she tells PEOPLE. "After college and the traveling I did for the state department, I came home to Los Angeles and I'm training again. I got back my triple jumps. I'm going to get in good shape and make my decision from there."

Kwan, 28, is a five-time world champion and two-time Olympic medalist. (She won a silver in '98 and a bronze in '02). The skater, who was forced to withdraw from the 2006 Olympics due to a hip injury, would have to qualify by competing in January's U.S. national championships, where she'd need to finish in the top two to solidify a place on the team. If she doesn't compete, expect to see Kwan in Vancouver as a skating analyst for NBC and performing in ice shows. "Touring, competing – the possibilities are everything.”

She's had terrible luck in the Olympics and is past her prime. Some people just are not destined to win Olympic Gold (like Kurt Browning). If she's coming back to enjoy the competition again and hear the crowd's standing ovation one last time then fine. But if she's coming back for a shot at gold, she's got no chance. Girls today are doing two triple axels in the long program. Unheard of in Kwan's era. There's no way she could compete with that. It's over Michelle. She should take the Kristi Yamaguchi route, get married, have a nice family, continue skating in exhibitions and for the circus, win Dancing With the Stars etc etc.. That's a much more fulfilling life than praticing 30 hours a day for one last shot at Olympic glory that frankly nobody cares about...

Quick (without googling) who won the Ladies Figure Skating Olympic Gold in Torino 2006? Nobody knows.


Unknown said...

I completely agree with your commentary. I wish her nothing but the best, but you're right, she should follow Kristi Yamaguchi's path. Michelle still has it in her, I think, to perform, but as you said, not on Olympic ice.

Anonymous said...

if mk wants to return then it's her decision as an athlete. We aren't athletes and we are not in their mind set. Michelle doesn't need glory, she is the greatest ice figure ever produced. Shes a class act on and off the ice. She loves her sport-if she feels she wants to go for it she should. Why so much controversy and negativity?? some people follow only Olympics and thats sad because her wins and worlds and nationals were astonishing. I am not going to remember her for what she has won or lost, just being the most beautiful skater ever!!