Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Super Junior Star Mistaken for Kim Jong-il's Son

Source: chosun.com

Yesung of the Korean boy band Super Junior was confused with the third son of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il by Swiss daily Blick.

The tabloid mistakenly published a picture of Yesung in a piece on Kim Jong-un, apparently confused by the fact that Yesung's real name is Kim Jong-woon.

Blick is Switzerland's largest-circulation tabloid. Yesung appeared on the front page and headline news on page 14. The news soon reached the web board of a South Korean portal site and is quickly spreading all over the Internet.

"We confirmed the news through the Internet as well and have asked Blick for a correction," a spokesperson for Super Junior said.

Funny thing is that Europeans now know who he and his boy-band are and may take a quick listen to his music. Girls can swoon over him.


Hmmm another guy way too girly for me!


Anonymous said...

If Kim Yong-Il had a son like that he'd either beat him or rape him to death.

Hana Kanzaki said...

uwaaa XDD
oppa so cool...
You look like an angel . . . X3