Monday, April 13, 2009

Police, federal agents raid Warwick spa


The police and federal authorities have not ruled out possible human trafficking at a spa advertised as the Asian Fantasy Escort Service at 1550 B Post Rd. Police Maj. Joseph H. Tavares said U.S. immigration agents and Warwick detectives are continuing a joint investigation after seizing records and other evidence at that address Thursday.

Three Korean women, one of whom had an outstanding deportation order, were questioned at the scene, but no one was arrested, Tavares said. One woman gave a New Jersey address, another gave a Fall River address. Tavares said all three women are adults, but did not provide their ages.

A kitchen, cooking equipment, mattresses and personal items found in ground-floor rooms “were signs that they were sleeping there,” and may have been there “for some period of time,” Tavares said. While that could point to trafficking, “there would have to be further evidence” that the women were being kept against their will. “We’re looking into that possibility, but we don’t have that evidence at this time,” Tavares said.

Tavares said the upstairs area included “a waiting room and two working rooms, with massage tables, and a complete bathroom.”

No really? It wasn't really a SPA? I wonder what the beds were really for!?

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