Monday, April 6, 2009

Nick Khun gets exempted from Thai Army

Source: K Town

Male group 2PM’s Thai member Nick Khun has been given the Army exemption.

Khun had flown back to Thailand for the physical examination and application for his Army enlistment end-March. Fans were anxious about the results to his application and they can then heaved a sigh of relief because Nick Khun has been officially exempted from Army duties.

In Thailand, males who reached the age of 18 will have to go undergo a physical examination before they get enlisted into the Army. But the examination board also have their own set of exemptions for males for fall under their exemptions criteria.

For those who passed their physical examination, they will also go through a round of drawing lots and 20% of them will be selected for their Army duties.

Khun did an interview before the results for his application came out in Thailand, “If my luck is bad, I will go back to Korea for work (album preparation), if I get picked I will serve the Army for my country. Even if I am not selected for Army duties, I will work hard and make Thailand more known in other places.”

“Because enlisting for the Army is as important in Korea, JYP had went ahead and allowed for me to take part in the drawing of lots. If I need to, I will stop my work in Korea and stay in Thailand to serve the Army.”

But it seems he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore.

He would have been the wussiest, girliest soldier in the Thai army. I think this is why he got discharged. That guy would have been the laughing stock of the army. Look at how pasty he is! And are those red polka dot boxers!? Buwahahahahaha.

Are any of you in the army or have been in the army? You would have had a field day with this guy!

Can't believe some girls find this guy HAWT. YUCK!

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