Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fluorescent puppy is world's first transgenic dog


Source: New Scientist

A cloned beagle named Ruppy – short for Ruby Puppy – is the world's first transgenic dog. She and four other beagles all produce a fluorescent protein that glows red under ultraviolet light.

A team led by Byeong-Chun Lee of Seoul National University in South Korea created the dogs by cloning fibroblast cells that express a red fluorescent gene produced by sea anemones.

Lee and stem cell researcher Woo Suk Hwang were part of a team that created the first cloned dog, SnuppyMovie Camera, in 2005. Much of Hwang's work on human cells turned out to be fraudulent, but Snuppy was not, an investigation later concluded.

This new proof-of-principle experiment should open the door for transgenic dog models of human disease, says team member CheMyong Ko of the University of Kentucky in Lexington. "The next step for us is to generate a true disease model," he says.

Wow a glowing dog! When do we get glowing people! I'd like to glow in the dark! :)


Anonymous said...

I can help you with that glow in the dark problem. You just need to raise your quantum energy level, one known method of increasing energy (heat) is to rub two bodies together. It can produce fire which glows in the dark.

Maybe you just need rubbed.

Degenerasian said...

Cool! I was cold this morning (it's snowing again) and I rubbed my feet together but I didn't find that very warm. So I put on a pair of socks :)

I can't glow.