Friday, May 1, 2009

Buy house, get free wife

I'm number 9! Buy a house and get me HIHIHIHIHIHI

Source: Electric New Paper

GET a house and gain a wife.

That's the bizarre sales pitch of a Beijing-based property developer struggling to combat a severe market slump in China that has seen home sales and prices plunge.

According to a report posted on media and advertising website Danwei, property developer Jin Tai Cheng is luring potential buyers at its upmarket Ecological Bay villa project with an invitation to date its salesgirls.

Their photographs and vital statistics are put up on the company website.

The marketing pitch goes: 'Planning to buy a house? Can we tempt you with the offer of a young bride - and a dowry as well?'

The company encourages future homeowners to date its salesgirls and promises a wedding present of 60,000 yuan ($13,100) to any couple that ends up getting married.

The website said the company offers the salesgirls 8 per cent in sales commissions.

At the same time, the salesgirls stand a chance to secure a wealthy husband.

But should the couple divorce within a year, the package deal is void.

The desperate sales pitch is the latest manifestation of the grim outlook for China's real estate market.


Very strange. So a girl can only sell one house and then she's "off the market". So they have to hire new girls everytime a house is sold? If they guy buys a house he will definitely pressure the girl into marrying him or else he won't get a deal or a wedding present. Think it's pretty clear the girls are being duped. Nobody will buy a house just for a girl, they were thinking of buying a house anyways, now they get prostitute on the side! Wheeee!!

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