Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Agenda: Ethnic Politics

A good discussion on The Agenda about ethnic politics with the current issues going on.

They addressed many issues but one they sort of missed was block voting in the nomination process. I think in the general election, whether federal of provincial, there are too many voters and block voting wouldn't really work. For example all the Chinese wouldn't be able to get a Chinese candidate of the green party to win a seat in Alberta.

But at the nomination votes for each party, the numbers are very small and a community could get a person nominated. I know of one situation a few years ago where an person won a PC nomination in Alberta with 200 votes. 200! I think most people here could gather up over 200 friends and beat this guy. Bring a PC candidate in Calgary is nearly a slam dunk.

I always get a bit uncomfortable when I read stories that so and so has become the first ______ politician and it's cause for celebration. Often people block vote for someone and get nothing out of it because they go on to bigger and better things and ingore YOU.

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