Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chinese gambler scoops jackpot, threatens lawsuit

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Source: Google News

A Chinese businesswoman who has blown 6.8 million US dollars in the gaming haven of Macau in two years, scooped a slot machine jackpot just as she was threatening to sue the casino, a report said Thursday.

The woman won a five million Hong Kong dollar (640,000 US) slot machine payout on Monday at the Wynn Macau, part of the gaming empire of US tycoon Steve Wynn, the Standard newspaper reported.

It was the second-highest slot machine payout in Macau's history, the report said.

Her win came a day after she threatened to sue Wynn Macau over the huge sum she has lost on slot machines since 2007. She claims that payout rates on the machines are too low, the English language daily said.

The woman, from the eastern Zheijiang province, was also unhappy because Wynn staff refused to let her, family and friends play 20 machines at the same time in a calculated attempt to beat the odds.

The report said the woman, who it described as a self-proclaimed billionaire, had insisted she was not addicted to gambling.


Losing 6.8 million but not addicted to gambling. Wow, people have way too much money and time on our hands. And she's still suing! The casino has it's own rules, you can never beat it. I wish that jackpot went to someone who appreciates it more!

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Matthew said...

I knew I saw a lot more gambling addicts in China, but that is ridiculous.

Her money would be better spent if she just handed it to me. At least I could manage the money properly and not blow it like that.