Monday, May 18, 2009

China's dangerous sexual ignorance

Source: BBC

"I had two university students who had been married for two years and hadn't managed to have children. They went to the hospital for a check-up and it emerged that they didn't even know the first thing about sex. They thought simply sleeping in the same bed would get her pregnant," she said.

Buh? I think a 6 year old American kid knows that!

In one cafe in southern China, pictures of naked women hang on the walls - a rare sight in this country.

But that is what this cafe is all about. It was set up by the City Government Reproductive Health Centre, and is an attempt to bring sex education into the open.

The centre's director, Tao Lin, showed me the services on offer - free condoms, and books and information about sex.

This drop-in sex education cafe is a pioneering concept, the first of its kind in China. Yet, it is almost completely empty.

Tao Lin admitted the hardest thing was breaking the taboo surrounding sex.

"Our challenge is that people are still too shy to talk about sex. It is difficult to know the right approach. People use tabloids or websites to find out information about sex, but it is often incorrect or unreliable," he said.

One survey has suggested that 75% of young Chinese learn about sex through pornography or porn websites, and computers certainly offer young people the chance to find out about sex in private.

In the back of the cafe, three young women are tapping away at keyboards.

"I want to find out about contraception, what choice there is, and how to use it," said 22-year-old pharmacology student Wu Dinliang, blushing.

She said she had never been taught about contraception.



Not surprising though. In China, nobody talks about sex. It's something people do, I guess... and babies come from somewhere.. I guess.

I just don't get it. If I have a daughter I would teach her everything. Be careful of creeps, don't be tricked, if you have sex protect yourself. Why would I want my daughter to get hurt because she was uneducated?

And if I have son I'd have to teach him to be resonsible too and not hurt someone else's daughter.

Or else you get situations like this.
College Schoolgirl: 3 Years, 5 Abortions

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Unknown said...

And, to think, the Beijing government destroyed the one thing that could have educated such Chinese en masse. Ah well, maybe it's all part of some population control "master plan" to perpetuate sexual ignorance?