Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shanghai 2010: Most Ambitious World Expo Ever

Source: Beijing This Month

This EXPO is going to be huge. This is no surprise coming from China where bigger is always better.

Since 1851 when the Great Exhibition of Industries of All Nations was held in the Crystal Palace in London, the World Expositions have attained increasing prominence as grand events for economic, scientific, technological and cultural exchanges, serving as an important platform for displaying historical experience, exchanging innovative ideas, demonstrating esprit de corps and looking to the future.

On December 3, 2002, Shanghai won the bid from the five candidate cities of hosting the World Expo 2010; the World Expo 2010 Shanghai thus became the first pending registered world exposition in a developing country in its 100-year-plus history.

After the 1933 World Expo Chicago created a theme for its exposition, subsequent expos furthered the tradition of establishing themes. With the theme “Better City, Better Life,” World Expo 2010 Shanghai will be the world exposition to explore the full potential of urban life in the 21st century and a significant period in urban evolution.


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