Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Google to reshoot street views of Japanese cities: Peeping Toms Mourn

HEY! Whatcha lookin' at?

Source: LA Times

Google said Wednesday it will reshoot all images in Japan for its Street View online service that provides 360-degree panoramic images of urban areas.

The service has triggered privacy complaints around the world, including most recently in Greece, where it was banned Tuesday.

The photos currently on the Web site were taken by cameras mounted on a stick attached to a car roof. Google Japan said it would lower the cameras after many residents complained they were high enough to look over fences around their homes, company product manager Keiichi Kawai said in a statement.

Others have previously complained that images on the service recorded vehicle license plates and laundry hanging in backyards. Rights groups have also demanded Google suspend the service.


Is there a point when technology trumps privacy? Japan is so congested, I'm surprised they can put a camera anywhere without infrining on somebody's rights.

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