Sunday, May 24, 2009

Scared Off Of Your Toilet Seat!

Source: Japanorama

Patterned toilet paper is nothing new, there have been comic toilet tissue rolls, Sudoku puzzle patterns, even Hello Kitty tissue rolls but this may be the first time an entire novel has been given the TP treatment. We can thank Koji Suzuki for agreeing to subject his work to a fate worse than the most savage review and Shizuoka-based Hayashi Paper for convincing Suzuki to go along with their crappy idea.

Suzuki's no hack writer by the way - his previous credits include horror novels Ring and Spiral, both later made into popular Japanese horror films. His latest endeavor, Drop, is a nine-chapter horror story that happens to be set in a public bathroom

According to Hayashi Paper, reading Suzuki's novel in a similar setting will invest what should be a relaxing experience with "psychological fright".


I'm amazed people still read in the bathroom. I never did. Once a relative of mine was watching something on his blackberry, took it into the bathroom and accidently dropped it into the toilet.

Reading off the same paper you're going to wipe with is weird. And I don't want to be reading horror and being scared while I'm sitting on the toilet!

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