Monday, May 11, 2009

Movie Reviews - May 11, 2009

Source: LoveHKFilm

Departures (Japan) 2009 Oscar Winner Best Foreign Film

Even though it doesn't meet the astronomical expectations it has earned by now, Departures is a touching and well-calculated commercial film that is deserving of its commercial success.

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I Corrupt All Cops (Hong Kong)

A rare serious Wong Jing film that’s actually respectable in quality, I Corrupt All Cops is entertaining and can sometimes be gripping cinema. But it’s also too sprawling without the focus or filmmaking to justify it. Nevertheless, it possesses a solid cast and is easily the best Wong Jing film in years, whatever that means.

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Hello Schoolgirl (Korea)

Thanks to a great cast, striking visuals and observant storytelling, Ryoo Jang-Ha’s first film in 4 years is a good one. A resoundingly successful film adaptation of Kang Pool’s charming web comic about May-December romances.

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20th Century Boys: Chapter 2 - The Last Hope (Japan)

20th Century Boys: Chapter Two should be a slam dunk for fans because it adapts the manga in a truncated, but still slavishly faithful manner. For non-fans, this film is so dense and convoluted that confusion is a likely result. Maybe it'll seem like a better film after the third one is released.

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The Bluebird

A stuttering, earnest substitute teacher makes waves in a class trying to get over an attempted suicide of one of its students. Fine themes, compelling emotions and solid acting lift The Bluebird, but the measured, too-reverential storytelling doesn't entirely convince.

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