Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Smoking order repealed at public uproar

Source: China Daily

A local government in central China has backed down on an order which asked civil servants to smoke more to help boost the regional economy, the Beijing News reported Tuesday.

The Gong'an County government of Hubei province found itself at the center of public outrage after it demanded local officials to consume up to 23,000 packs of locally-produced cigarettes annually, worth 4 million yuan (US$588,235), using public money.

Each office under its jurisdiction received a quota and would face a fine if they failed to meet the target, or if found buying cigarettes produced by other provinces.

The order made headlines in major newspapers around the world after being made public, triggering waves of criticism that it was a complete waste of public money.

Local officials defended their decision, saying the directive was misinterpreted.


Yes it was misinterpreted. That's why you have to do an total 360 now :)

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