Friday, May 22, 2009

Movie Reviews - May 22, 2009

Source: LoveHKFilm

Movie reviews for this week. Nothing really outstanding. I'm waiting for reviews of the Cannes entries.

The Scandal Makers

Blockbuster Korean film about a single man in his mid-thirties whose life is turned upside down by his long-lost daughter and an adorable, precocious grandson. This high-concept comedy may sound like commercial fluff, but talented performers, smart direction and agreeable laughs make this a crowd-pleasing winner.

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Night and Fog (HK)

The surprising follow-up to The Way We Are, Ann Hui's Night and Fog is harrowing and genuinely involving. There are occasional moments where the film goes too far, but on the whole this is an impressive and compelling motion picture, and Hui's direction is sharp. Based on a true story.

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Mandate (Korea)

This low-budget supernatural thriller will find audiences who like their horror cheap and cheesy, but it won't do much for anyone else.

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The Triumphant General Rouge

Like its predecessor, The Triumphant General Rouge is an entertaining medical thriller. Also like its predecessor, the film is so glossy and commercial that it starts to feel cheesy. Featuring the always-entertaining Hiroshi Abe.

Sorry, can't find trailer for this. If you find one let me know :)

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