Friday, May 8, 2009

Robot teacher has human touch


Source: Ananova

The world's first robot teacher proved a hit with pupils on her first day at a Japanese primary school.

One pupil described Saya as "pretty" another said that she was a bit "scary but fun" while another said that he "couldn't believe he was getting taught by a robot".

First, she called the name of each child before asking the pupils to carry out tasks from a text book for the pilot project in Kudan Primary School, next to Tokyo University.

Professor Hiroshi Kobayashi, of Tokyo's University of Science, who has been developing the robot for 15 years, said: "The children were not fazed by Saya at all.

"They don't see her as a humanoid but human. They were very happy and surprised when she was able to call their names. They treated Saya like a real teacher."


So every teacher in the future will look like an anime character and be very pretty. So when will the first robot teacher-student sex scandal break out? Any bets?

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