Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kavya Shivashankar wins 2009 Spelling Bee

Just saw it on tv :)

Source: AP

Kavya Shivashankar was amazing. Nailed every word without any trouble at all. This was amazingly her 4th time in the final round finishing 10th, 8th and 4th in previous years. Her final word was Laodicean.

My favorite Kyle Mou finished 4th bombing out on "schizaffin" spelling it "schizophine". He was very quick but I don't think took enough time to figure out the words. Either he knew it or he didn't and it finally caught up to him.

The fan favorite was Kennyi Aouad, he finished tied for 5th going out on the word "palatschinken". He had no idea what the word for a type of German pancake was and tried to put in german rules but came out with "pallachinkin"

All in all great entertainment and once again I feel alot dumber today. Until next year!

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