Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Faye Wong's Comeback Ad Released

Source: CriEnglish

An advertisement featuring China's semi-retired pop queen, Faye Wong, was officially released on the internet on Wednesday. The ad is widely speculated to be the mark of her comeback.

Faye Wong is the spokesperson of a new brand of shampoo that is now available for sale at supermarkets throughout Beijing. The bottles of shampoo come with leaflets bearing the ad that features Wong.

A commercial showcasing the brand will be aired on major TV stations across the country beginning May 20th. In the commercial, the 40-year-old pop icon plays an ancient queen, donning a golden robe similar to that of Gong Li's in the movie "Curse of the Golden Flower," a spokesperson from the shampoo company says.

Last month, Faye flew to Thailand to shoot the new ad. Renowned stylists including William Chang, Zing and Elaine Wong were responsible in creating her new look.

The songstress is recieving 20 million yuan for the endorsement deal, outweighing Jackie Chan's payday of 14 million yuan for endorsing a seperate product line for the same company.

She really does have a cult following. She would sell any product, album or movie. Lets see if this comeback is real and what she will be in next.


Anonymous said...

Good ad, but Why must they always copy Gong Li?

Degenerasian said...

Cause in China everything is compared to Gong Li. Everything from new actresses being called "Little Gong Li" to movies to fashion. Everything.