Tuesday, May 26, 2009

China’s Dog Ban Rouses Fury - Could Kill 30000 dogs

Source: Epoch Times

The implementation of a controversial dog ban in Heihe City of northeast China's Heilongjiang Province was delayed due to pressure from the public.

The ban, announced on May 21, threatened to kill any dog found in the “restricted area” that includes the city proper of Heihe and four villages of the rural district in the city's administrative area.

The city’s 30,000 plus dogs are either family pets in the city or safe-guards in the rural areas. The dog owners say they cannot accept the decision of the arbitrary killings of dogs.

A blogger who claimed to work in local government said that the regulation was issued because a leashed dog frightened a small group of local officials in the street and bit one of them. That same night, the CCP Municipal Committee held a meeting to discuss the issue, and then issued the "dog ban."

Sheesh. This day and age if you touch someone's dog it's like killing a child. People are crazy for their pets. Just cause some wussy government official got bit by a dog he wants to kill all dogs? Nice one. This is an issue people could definitely revolt over. Dog lovers would die for their dogs.

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