Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Want a date with Taiwanese female stars? Pay up

lin chi ling
$200000 for a date with me!

Source: Yahoo!

A Taiwanese director recently exposed the amounts paid to have Taiwanese female celebrities to accompany businessmen for dinner parties.

34-year-old Taiwanese top model Lin Chi-ling made her name with movie debut Red Cliff and was placed top of the price list. Her invincible charm also placed her on the Top 10 chart for "Hottest Female Celebrity Legs" and number one on "FHM's 2009 Top 100 Sexiest Ladies", and making her the female celebrity most demanded for in the Greater China region.

Barbie Hsu and Jolin Tsai, each receiving $200,000 per appointment, were second and third on the list.

Looks like everything has it's price! Wonder if with more money, it'll go past just a date!?

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