Monday, May 25, 2009

Are kids going online for study or for fun?

Source: VietNamNet Bridge

This is a “shock”: Vietnam was not among the top ten countries for searching on “sex” on Google in 2005-2007. As of 2008, however, Google Trends reports that Vietnamese users had vaulted the country to fourth, third and then to the first position, ahead of Egypt and India.

Nobody can deny the benefits of the Internet, but the above statistic must worry us. Clearly, a segment of Vietnamese users go online to satisfy their addiction to sex, not for studies and research.

If they can’t visit the sex sites, why surf?

That is the statement of many young people about their habit of using the ‘Net as a means to satisfy their sex addiction. They browse the Internet only to only search for websites about sex.

The black website named “Mocxi”, which was closed recently, was familiar to many young people. This site had a huge number of members. However, this is not the only Vietnamese language sex site.

People look for sex everywhere. Sex has only been going on for thousands of years before the internet was popular. I'm sure the Vietnamese searches for sex before 2008. There was just no way of recording it!

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