Monday, June 1, 2009

First China, then Vietnam... now Myanmar brides?

Source: Asiaone

MOVE over, Vietnam brides. Here come the Myanmar maidens.

Aged between 20 and 35, they are ethnic Chinese who can speak Mandarin and cook Chinese meals.

So they would find it easier to adapt to life in Singapore, said Mr Mark Lin of Vietnam Brides International, who's offering his customers a wider choice of brides.

Mr Lin, who had specialised in Vietnam brides since 2003, said: 'I have to teach Vietnamese girls Mandarin if they don't speak it. But these Myanmar women are already fluent in the language.'

He said the women are keen to marry Singaporean men because they want better lives outside Myanmar, which has been under military rule since 1988.

While agencies offering Vietnamese brides charge between $6,000 and $8,000, Mr Lin charges $8,800 for Myanmar brides.


I wonder what contry will be next when men get bored of Myanmar brides? what's wrong with Singaporean brides anyways?

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Anonymous said...

With all those "Find an Chinese/Japanese/Korea/Vietnamese wife" ads on Google the Asian chicks are all going to the States.

Myanmar is an untapped market!

BTW, those google ads are freaking annoying. No wonder ESL teachers call their students "Yellow Taxis"

Degenerasian said...

Not just going to the States, they're going everywhere.

From North Korea to China
From China to Taiwan
From Vietnam to Singapore/South Korea
Now from Myanmar to Singapore

I don't blame them either. If I lived in those horrible conditions and was pretty enough to get a rich guy, I'd be the first in line!

ira said...