Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Soccer: South Africa-Iraq

A bit late on this cause I couldn't find a good highlight package.
Decent opening game from two not very decent teams. Iraq looks comfortable in the 1st half and South Africa dominated the 2nd half. Everyone is talking about the incredible miss from South Africa when the player cleared off the line from his own players shot.
However if you look closely the shot header was going across the goal and going wide.

Youtube Link

So in the end a 0-0 draw which keeps both teams still alive for a semifinal spot. It'll probably come down to goal difference unless one of these teams somehow doesn't lose to Spain or messed up again New Zealand. So whoever loses to Spain the least or beat New Zeland by the most will qualify.

And if you're wonder what the buzzing beehive noise is in the crowd is the South African Vuvuzela horn! Get 40000 of those horns in a stadium and that what it sounds like!

It's incredible how they can dance and blow for the entire 90 minutes! Get used to that sound cause you'll have to hear it next year at the World Cup, Most people think it's annoying. i'm getting used to it and liking it alot. Brings a unique atmosphere to the event which will be in Africa for probably the only time.

The next round of matches are on Wednesday June 17 (today).

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