Wednesday, June 10, 2009

North Korean Women Who Flee to China Suffer

Source: Washington Post

For North Korean women who run off to China, rules are rigged on both sides of the border.

North Korea regards them as criminals for leaving. China refuses to recognize them as refugees, sending many back to face interrogation, hard labor and sometimes torture. Others stay on in stateless limbo, sold by brokers to Chinese men in need of fertile women and live-in labor.

Bang Mi Sun, a former actress in North Korea, lived the worst of both worlds. After crossing into China in 2002, she was separated from her two children and sold into marriage to three men. She managed to get away from all three. When she ran for the third time, Chinese police arrested her and sent her back to North Korea, where a police beating mangled her left leg. Permanently maimed, she was sent to a labor camp for reeducation.

"I had to live the life of an animal," said Bang, who fled the North for a second time in 2004 and found her way to South Korea. "If I had a chance to meet with President Obama, I would first like to tell him how North Korean women are being sold like livestock in China and, second, to know that North Korean labor camps are hell on earth."


OMG! That's an actress. You see how actresses are treated here? Actresses there are starved to death and must flee.

How worse can it get then to run from one communist country, where you go hungry, to another communist country, where they sell you to the bazillion men that they have.

I can't think of a worse scenario. Communism continues to show it's evil. What other ideology would send people climbing over walls, sailing on oceans and running across borders. Flee to China? I think I'd rather get on a little raft and float into the ocean off the North Korean border. I've got a better chance of getting picked up by a Western fleet than surviving China! And if I get shot or torpedoed, all the better.


Anonymous said...

You don't even need to be in a communist country to want to leave it. Think Mexicians in the States.

Degenerasian said...

Mexicans only leave because the US is right next door and they see it as a land of opportunity (be it or false).

If Mexico was somewhere else, it would be a pretty decent place to live compared to other countries.

Chase said...

this breaks my heart. Thank you for sharing this story.

And I would agree with you concerning Mexico. "Fleeing a country" and "Pursuing a land of Opportunity" are very different.