Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stick Your Finger Up A Melon

Source: Yahoo!

A kung fu master has jabbed his way into the Malaysian records book after piercing four coconuts with his index finger in a little over 30 seconds, according to a newspaper report.

Ho Eng Hui, 55, made it into the Malaysia Book of Records for coconut opening with his 30.81 second feat, the New Straits Times reported Monday.

"Now, I will start preparing myself to get into the Guinness Book of World Records," Master Ho told the newspaper.

"This is not an illusion or black magic. I am able to do this after mastering the Chinese martial art technique of using the strength of my finger, from a martial arts master in Singapore."

Hundreds of people, many of them tourists, witnessed the record breaking coconut piercing in Malacca on Saturday.

Master Ho smashed his previous record of breaking three coconuts in 70 seconds.

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Elver said...

It looks like he broke his finger... and then went on to do the fourth as well...