Monday, June 8, 2009

Some Asswipe Invents A New Asswipe

Source: Japanorama

What's an eco-friendly way to recycle used office paper and botched photocopies? Here we might mulch it to be used in farming. In Japan they're turning it into toilet paper.

Paperless office? That's what the computer was supposed to usher in but as any office worker knows, it just hasn't happened. Memos, reports, handouts and photocopies just keep coming and coming, much like Publisher's Clearing House Day at the post office. It's enough to make anyone go postal... but now Japan's Nakabayashi Co. has come up with a brilliant solution: recycle the scrap paper into crap paper!


It's a good idea. The amount of papers going through an office is remarkable. So if there's a way to make it into nice and soft toilet paper for my delicate tushy, then woohoo!

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