Friday, June 19, 2009

World's oldest man dies at 113 in Japan

Source: Yahoo!

The world's oldest man, Tomoji Tanabe, died at his home in southern Japan on Friday at the age of 113, according to a local official.

Tanabe, who suffered from a chronic heart problem, passed away with his relatives at his bedside, said an official at Miyakonojo City, where he lived.

"Mr Tanabe was a symbol of Miyakonojo... and cheered up many residents," making the town a byword for longevity, said Mayor Makoto Nagamine.

When Tanabe turned 113 on September 18, he said the secret to his longevity was a big appetite but a strict diet, together with avoiding alcohol, cigarettes and snacks.

Tanabe, who lived with a son and daughter-in-law, had eight children, 25 grandchildren, 53 great-grandchildren and six great-great-grandchildren.

Japan has one of the world's highest life expectancy rates, attributed in part to a diet traditionally rich in fish, rice and vegetables.

The world's oldest known person is 115-year-old Gertrude Baines who lives in Los Angeles.

That pretty cool to live in 3 different centuries! I dont think I have a chance, I'd have to live past 120 :P


Amory Blaine said...

it's funny all these "oldest people in the world" give contradictory advice as to the secret of their longevity. some say keep away from booze and cigarettes while other say the secret is three cigars a day, a bottle of whiskey poured in a dirty glass and wild i'm surprised i made it past 27. btw i'm glas your posting blog links on twittert they really6 do build trafdfic. with all the noise out thee i forget to come here as often as i would like. i've passed you on to others as well.

Degenerasian said...

Cause there really is no secret. Out of the billion people around the world, the odd person will live to 110. And out of those odd people some will have a good diet and some will not. In 200 years maybe everyone will live to 110!

Amory Blaine said...

Yeah, now that you mention it everyone over 100 IS odd!