Friday, June 12, 2009

Sea Otter Boogers? Whaaaat?

Source: Pink Tentacle

These delectable, sweet-tasting Sea Otter Boogers (rakko no hana-kuso) are available at zoo and aquarium gift shops across Japan. The ones shown here are from Kamogawa Sea World in Chiba prefecture.

The protein-packed booger snacks are actually made of amanattō, or candied black beans, and they are quite tasty if you can get over the name.

Priced at 525 yen (under $6) per 110-gram package, Sea Otter Boogers can also be purchased online via the Hanakuso web shop (shipping in Japan only), which also sells the ever-popular Gorilla Boogers.

For something that seems tasty and healthy, why would it be given the name boogers!?

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