Monday, June 15, 2009

Chinese man Banned from selling Teenage Girl’s Spit

girls licking

Source: The Inquisitr

This one comes straight out of the “WTF,” “You can’t make this up” and “EEWWW!” departments…

A Chinese man has been banned from selling the saliva of pretty teenage girls as a tonic on the Chinese equivalent of Ebay.

Chinese auction site,, has removed listings of the teen girl saliva tonic from it’s site after numerous complaints from it’s users. The offending retailer, Zhou, claimed the drool was a tonic and was asking about $3.25 for a small bottle that included a photo of the girl who produced the saliva. Zhou said the saliva was collected from 18-year-old girls while they slept.

He also said the listings were just a test to see if there was a demand for the product. Sad thing is, there was enough of a demand and he is planning on going ahead with marketing the product online.

Why is everything in China a tonic or an aphrodisiac? Do all the men there just want to live forever and bone vigorously?


Anonymous said...

"Why is everything in China a tonic or an aphrodisiac?"

Because those stupid Extendeze commercials haven't yet made their way to China.

and chances are, the "tonic" is just some overdue aloe juice!

Degenerasian said...

Extendeze? LOL. I think China invented Extendeze around 2000 years ago!