Sunday, June 28, 2009

4-month prison term for groping

Source: Breitbart

Kazuhide Uekusa, once a well-known TV commentator and economist, will get four months in prison for molesting a female high school student on a Tokyo train in 2006 as a petty bench of the Supreme Court decided earlier this week to turn down his final appeal.

Presiding Judge Takaharu Kondo of the third petty bench made the decision Thursday, upholding the 4-month prison term handed down in district and high court trials against Uekusa for public indecency.

According to the lower courts' rulings, Uekusa, 48, put his hand up the high school student's skirt and touched her body on the night of Sept. 13, 2006, on a commuter train between Shinagawa and Kamata stations on the Keihin Kyuko Line.

Uekusa pleaded not guilty, saying he was mistaken for the real perpetrator.

But the Tokyo District Court convicted Uekusa based on eyewitnesses' testimonies, and the Tokyo High Court affirmed the ruling.

Earlier, Uekusa was convicted of public indecency and fined 500,000 yen for trying to look up a female high school student's skirt using a mirror at a Tokyo railway station in April 2004. He was a professor at Waseda University at that time.

Sad isn't it. Well known tv presenter, experct economist, charged in petty court. I'm sure he had everything, probably was married. He's known for his criminal events. It's just an illness isn't it :(

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