Monday, June 29, 2009

Everybody has a stream bath

Source: VietNamNet

Each afternoon, Vu Oai commune in Quang Ninh province in Vietnam is very bustling, like during a festival. Everybody from kids to elderly people cheerfully go to the local stream to swim.

In Vu Oai, from babies of 2-3 years old to old people of 70-80, everyone is closely attached to the local stream. Vu Oai commune’s chairman named Tay said having a stream bath is a cultural aspect of local residents.

At 4-5pm everyday, both in summer and winter, everyone goes to the stream to swim.

Hmmm I don't know. A stream bath every single day? Once in awhile would be cool but to go there everyday would get boring pretty quick. Although it must be nice to be able to swim year-round without freezing your ass off.

I like the girl with the polka-dot pants. That's cute :)

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