Thursday, June 25, 2009

Korean-Canadian sympathy for North Korea?

Source: London Free Press

Past comments by Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff are coming back to haunt him as members of the Korean community accuse him of suggesting he would starve North Koreans.

While at Harvard in 2005, Ignatieff said, “I strongly support reductions in food aid” to strengthen the international community’s negotiations with North Korea on nuclear weapons.

“Is that a difficult human rights problem? You bet. But that’s where I would go,” he said at the time. “I would look at the food aid, and all the bilateral stuff we are doing that keeps this odious regime going.”

His comments have now touched a nerve in the Korean community.

“He is realistically saying let’s starve the North Korean people and let’s see if the North Koreans will feed them,” said Jack Kim, executive director of the human rights organization HanVoice.

Kim, who said he only recently became aware of Ignatieff’s comments, plans to ask Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay to clarify them at a roundtable with other Korean groups in Toronto Thursday.


Koreans please educate me. Why would Korean-Canadian be upset that a leader wants to starve North Korea? Isn't North Korea THE ENEMY? I would have thought they would be jumping for joy.

Do Korean-Canadians support North Korean people cause they think they if you starve North Korea, they will be attacked? What is the motive here?

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Anonymous said...

The majority of Korean-Canadians and South Koreans would like to have a unified Korea as they feel at one with the people of North Korea. On the other hand, they know better than most the real threat of the leader and government of North Korea, both to South Korea and to the people of North Korea. Already North Koreans are starving under their odious government. It is difficult to know what would help.