Thursday, June 18, 2009

Man, 96, graduates on same day as grandson

Source: Ananova

A 96-year-old Taiwanese man who enrolled for university to set an example for his grandson has graduated with a master's degree.

Chao Muhe, 96, and grandson Zhao Shuangzhan, 32, graduated on the same day, reports IC Media.

Chao, a retired university teacher, said he started his university studies again six years ago when his grandson was set to enroll for university.

"He didn’t work hard at all. So to set a good example for him, I told him I am to apply for university studies with him," said Chao.

He received his master’s degree in philosophy from the University of South China in southern Taiwan, while his grandson graduated from Chung Hua University.

Chao, better known to his classmates as Grandpa Chao, said he had also needed a new interest after being told he was too old to continue as a volunteer at a local hospital.

And he never missed a class - despite needing to get up at 5am each day to catch several buses to get to university.

And although he was more than 70 years older than his classmates, he says he did not feel out of place.

"We are good friends," said Chao, but added that he often had to study until 2am or even 3am to keep up with his younger classmates.

Grandpa Chao’s thesis tutor, Chen Dezhi, said his thirst for knowledge was an inspiration to the other students.

That's really cool. However it's much easier to study and graduate when you're 96 cause there's no pressure! For everyone else who's 18 there's alot of pressure. You whole future depends on graduating. If I don't graduate i'll never get a good job, parents want me to get straight A's, I'm dating this great guy and if I don't graduate he'll dump me cause I'm dumb etc....very stressful!

At 96 if he doesn't graduate then... nothing, he just goes back to being 96. He's already accomplished everything. It's easier to succeed when nothing is on the line.

But he's really nice for him to help his grandson. Graduate at 32? He must have been slacking off all those years.


Hank said...

Ech, I don't think it's any easier. It's true you don't have many outside pressures, but then again you have far more internal ones. At 96, it's harder to learn new information in addition to the fact that you're older than dirt, so you have age related problems and sicknesses, etc etc. Younger people have youth, energy,and a higher learning capacity.

Degenerasian said...

That's true but 96 year doesn't have pressure to get high grades or to even finish. If he fails, big deal.

Younger person has stress and distractions. The stress is. I need to ace this exam or else I fail the course and have to redo it. That'll cost more money I don't have and my parents will shit themselves.

The distraction is: my best friend just stole my boyfriend, too sad to study :(