Wednesday, June 3, 2009

China ups security ahead of Tiananmen anniversary


Source: Reuters

Chinese security forces blanketed Tiananmen Square on Wednesday ahead of the 20th anniversary of the June 4 crackdown on pro-democracy protesters, a day after Twitter and Hotmail Internet services in China were blocked.

Black police vans lurked at the side of the Forbidden City, while police and paramilitary forces patrolled through crowds of tourists enjoying a sunny summer morning.

Tanks rolled into Tiananmen Square before dawn on June 4, 1989 to crush weeks of student and worker protests. The ruling Communist Party, which has never released a death toll, fears that any commemoration of the crackdown could challenge its continuing hold on power.


Security at the square? Stopping foreigners? What do they think will happen tomorrow? If the government did nothing wrong 20 years ago what are they so scared of? Most of the youth nowadays don't really care about Tiananmen... since they know nothing about it! They would be more pissed off when the Chinese government does something big and drastic like, oh I don't know, blocking out half the internet!

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