Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tiananmen Square Massacre: 20 years later

So here we are, on June 4th, 2009 remembering what happened on this day 20 years ago. It's not a day to argue right or wrong. It's a day just to remember and mourn.

The Chinese government today will try to ignore everything and block all information from it's citizens from fear of the truth.

What does the Chinese Government say happened on June 4, 1989?

Umbrellas? That's just fucking embarassing.

But we all know better. I don't really care if the Chinese are censored and can't read this. We all know what happened. On a day like this, we remember what happened 20 years ago and we will never forget.

The following videos show us what really happened that day.


Youtube Link


Youtube Link

Tank Man Documentary (8 parts):

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J.wonG said...

Great post. Lest we forget. I was 9 years old growing up in Vancouver. My dad took our family down to Chinatown to take part in what I thought was a parade.

Although not knowing what was going on at all, I sensed it was not the usual festivities - no clowns, no balloons, no floats, no laughter.

We were all asked to wear either a white bandana or a white armband. There were lots of shouting. Something wasn't right.

Fast forward 20 years, the memory of that day still fresh in my mind. But now there is a point of reference. Where were you on that day?

Degenerasian said...

I don't remember alot about that day. My uncle got married that Saturday on the 3rd so the family was all really busy. I was probably one of the last to find out what happened on Sunday which was already Monday in China. I was 10 at the time.

During the preceding month, I remember my dad tuning in to the news everyday to see if the government fell. But it never did.