Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chinese newspapers mourn the death of Michael Jackson

Source : Danwei

In lieu of an in-depth front page story today, here's a collection of front pages from Chinese newspapers who marked the death of pop superstar Michael Jackson:

Most of the headlines are variations on either "Michael Jackson dies" or "Goodbye Michael." A few newspapers went with something different, but the usual punning headlines that accompany major international news stories were fairly uncommon:

* Dongguan Times (东莞时报): "The Whole World Mourns"
* Chengdu Evening News (成都晚报): "Farewell to a Legend"
* New Information (新消息报): "The King Will Not Return"
* Modern Express (现代快报): "Heaven Gets the Moonwalk"
* City Evening News (城市晚报): "Remember"
* Chinese Business View (华商报): "The Black and White Life of a Lonely King"

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