Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chinese Brides Scam Your Money

UGH. 40000 yuan for that horseface? Things must be getting desperate.

Source: Wall Street Journal

With no eligible women in his village, Zhou Pin, 27 years old, thought he was lucky to find a pretty bride whom he met and married within a week, following the custom in rural China.

Ten days later, Cai Niucuo vanished, leaving behind her clothes and identity papers. She did not, however, leave behind her bride price: 38,000 yuan, or about $5,500, which Mr. Zhou and his family had scrimped and borrowed to put together.

When Mr. Zhou reported his missing spouse to authorities, he found his situation wasn't unique. In the first two months of this year, Hanzhong town saw a record number of scams designed to extract high bride prices in a region with an oversupply of bachelors.

The fleeing Mrs. Zhou was one of 11 runaway brides -- hardly the isolated case or two that the town had seen in years past. The local phenomenon has fueled broader speculation among officials that the fast-footed wives may be part of a larger criminal ring.


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Nothing like a good scam. This one is very creative and the victims are the families who worship their sons. I love it. Not only to the sons get duped, there is additional match-making and everyone gets duped for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Marrying after meeting for a couple of hours? Buyer beware!


Anonymous said...

"This one is very creative and the victims are the families who worship their sons."

Sorry I failed to see the part where they worship their son. The son had a job as a factory worker and no where did it indicate He was lazy. In fact, the report says many men are saving more than ever for their cai li. "worshipped sons" don't work and save money.

Just like when the pioneers came over to North America building railroads, goldrush and opening laundry mats, it's a collabrative effort to help others in your family. As Chinese person, I'm sure you can appreciate that.

Europeans believe the father of the bride pays for the wedding. If this were the reverse case of more women than men, in your Canada, I'm sure your parents would help you out in your wedding.

I too don't believe in communisim but you don't have to hate the people that live in a Country that is. They have no choice.

With 32 million more men in China, it's a really sad situation. Especially when they have to compete with sex trafficers to North America and around the world and rich sex tourist that only need to pay $80US to love them long time.

Unfortunately too, many girls are brainwashed that money and class is everything. That's why they come from the villages to work in brothels hoping the rich men would fall in love and "save" them.

However, I do agree that she's looks like a horse and he probably should've got to know her better. But you know they say, desperate times calls for desperate messures.

Degenerasian said...

They're still worshipped. They may have to work to survive cause the family has no money but they still are valued. Parents will come up with 40000 yuan or more for a wedding! They would never pay for a daughter to have a wedding.

I don't hate the people in China. I just laugh at those that get scammed. This includes Westerners who go to China to get married, sponsor her over and she leaves him at the airport.

As for me, I don't want my parents or his parents to pay for the weeding. We're trying to save enough to pay our own way. My cousin last year made a profit at her wedding! :)

Anonymous said...

Well I am an American who hopes his Chinese penpal is the one and only. It is good to read about these scams, it reminds me that even though i believe the Chinese people to be more civilized than the westerners, there are always scammers in every walk of life. I hope this is not the case with the one I correspond with, I always said that when I have been screwed one too many times by the evil american women, that I was going to go find myself a nice chinese woman-at least some of those come from families that taught them right from wrong. I could be an idiot too you know.

Anonymous said...

horse face? well look in the mirror, you don't look so hot yourself, sweetie.

Anonymous said...

I'm heading off to meet my potentail future wife in China in a couple of months, she has a 7yo son. We talk on Yahoo video every-day for atleast and hour each time. Her english isn't great but I am teaching her while I am learing some Chinese.

Even if I research through all types of media for potential red flags, what more could I possibly do to protect myself from my own little gfc?

Degenerasian said...

There's a couple of things I can think of.

How long have you known her on yahoo? The longer the better.

Do you know her family at all? Is she poor, middle class? Middle class there less chance of fraud.