Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chinese Students Missing in Toronto

Source: CBC

Police in Toronto are looking for three teenage Chinese language students who have gone missing in the city.

Zhiyong Chen, 17, Qian Hu, 15 and Kangjun Fu, 13, were last seen on Tuesday afternoon at Woodbine Beach.

Kangjun Fu is described as a 13-year-old Chinese male, 5-7, 110 pounds with short black hair. He was wearing a white cotton t-shirt and blue jeans.

Qian Hu is a Chinese female, 15, with short black hair and a thin build last seen wearing a grey and white t-shirt.

Zhiyong Chen, 17, is a 5-7 Chinese male, 110 pounds also wearing a white t-shirt.

According to a police news release, the three are "visiting Toronto as part of a four-week exchange program."

The students are from Hunan, China, speak Mandarin, and have limited knowledge of English.

According to police, the students left their group intentionally.

Police are trying to determine if the three took off on a lark, or if they intend to defect.

People still defect? If true, this would be a strange defection. Students in China who are involved in exchange programs either come from really rich families or part of the government structure or both. They are representing China on these trips and have alot of pride bring from China.

Something smells fishy about this cause if they are defecting they need to defect to something or someone. Plans need to be made in advance and they must flee to a relative or an organization.

I fear the worse in this case.


Anonymous said...

i think the keyword you mentioned is, "rich" ... chinese are known for a few things, not sitting with your back to the window is one of them! The other is the rich always get blackmailed for ransom money.

Degenerasian said...

You think it's a kidnapping? Could be. But kidnapping three teenagers isn't the easiest thing to do.

Toronto realtor said...

This is so sad. Maybe the girls just don't speak English well, got lost in the big city and cannot find a way back. Do you think they were kidnapped? All three at once? Regards, Elli.

Degenerasian said...

At first I thought it may be a kidnapping but since then the one girl has been found but the two boys have not. Doesn't sound like a kidnapping. Sounds more like a poorly-planned defection attempt gone wrong.

Toronto realtor said...

Oh has she? That's great. Too bad the boys haven't been found, though. And yeah, I agree with you, it actually does sound more like an unsuccessful defection attempt. Take care, Elli.